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Baby Polluck Bundle

Great for ages 0-3

Look out, Pollock! This bundle helps babies and toddlers engage in creative expression through sensory play. With these goodies, they'll fill the refrigerator door with masterpieces in no time! 

This colorful bundle, curated for artists ages 0-3, includes:

  • These All Natural Finger Paints by Eco-Kids boasts food-safe, non-GMO ingredients and provide an all-natural, fun-filled, and colorful adventure for the very youngest artist.
  • Friendly Veggie Baby Apron by BapronBaby, is a darling waterproof and stain-resistant apron that actually does the job that bibbs should be doing. These adorable aprons are perfect for salvaging their outfit and skin during craft and meal times!
  • The Persnickety Original Card of your choice, to celebrate or commemorate any occasion! 


  • Baby Polluck Bundle
  • Baby Polluck Bundle
  • Baby Polluck Bundle
  • Baby Polluck Bundle
  • Baby Polluck Bundle

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