Last One!

Blast Off Bundle

Birthday - Happy Hat

3..2..1.. blast off! This gift bundle is truly out of this world. 

This bundle, perfect for kids ages 2 and up, includes:

  • 32 Piece Magnetic Rocket Tileset by Picasso Tiles ignites their imagination and transcends him onto the NASA engineering team creating the next incredible rocket ship! These magnetic construction blocks satisfy his love of building and his parent's need to enjoy a hot cup of coffee while he plays. 
  • Let your little one launch into space adventures with this high-quality Die-Cast Space Shuttle by Luna Die-Cast Cars. This collectible shuttle is cased from metal and has a fun pull-back motor action for maximum fun. 
  • The Persnickety Original Card of your choice, to celebrate or commemorate any occasion! 


  • Blast Off Bundle
  • Blast Off Bundle
  • Blast Off Bundle
  • Blast Off Bundle

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