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Bougie Car Bundle

Great for ages 2-8

Honk, honk! If you know a car lover, this adorable bundle will certainly get their attention. 

This bundle, curated for kids ages 2 and up, includes:

  • Flexible Toy Road Set by WayToPlay Toys for him to make highways and byways anywhere his heart desires. This high-quality, flexible road is perfect for imaginative play with any type of car!
  • Order Up! We’ve got a #1 and a side of fries! This Patty’s Hamburger Van from CandyLab Toys is the cutest truck you ever did see—complete with a bun and all the fixings. This squishy bun topper is absolutely too adorable for words. 
  • Mini-medic Ambulance by Candylab Toys will be the first to the scene in all their imaginative emergencies.
  • Mississippi Mule by Candylab Toys that's not only a tongue twister, but a jaw-dropper. 
  • The Persnickety Original Card of your choice, to celebrate or commemorate any occasion! 


  • Bougie Car Bundle
  • Bougie Car Bundle
  • Bougie Car Bundle
  • Bougie Car Bundle
  • Bougie Car Bundle

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