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Mischief Maker Bundle

Pink / Birthday - Happy Hat

For all the Mischief Makers in your know the ones. The little boys and girls that are always up to no good, but the ones that have that contagious happiness you just always want to be around. Sure, this bundle may ignite more mischief, but at least you'll equip them with safe tools. 🙃

This Persnickety bundle, recommended for ages 4+, includes:

  • Mischief Maker Slingshot by Mighty Fun for some good old-fashioned fun. This authentic wooden slingshot shoots foam balls, so moms can rest easy. This toy is beautifully made and might even be fun for mom and dad, too.
  • TattooPen in your choice of color by Nailmatic to unleash their inner artist...on themselves. These temporary tattoo felt pens that are safe for the skin (dermatologically tested!) and easy to wipe off in the bath or with a cloth.
  • The Persnickety Original Card of your choice, to celebrate or commemorate any occasion! 

Tattoo Pen (Color)


  • Mischief Maker Bundle
  • Mischief Maker Bundle
  • Mischief Maker Bundle
  • Mischief Maker Bundle
Mischief Maker Slingshot by Mighty Fun
TattooPen Set in Yellow, Orange, and Red by Nailmatic

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