As you good-well know, we declare ourselves to have the most magical Boo Baskets for kiddos ages 0-7 on this whole entire universe. That's a bold statement, sure, but we're confident ladies.

Anyway, in our Boo Baskets, we don't actually give you a basket. Rather, we provide the goods to go inside of it. We do this intentionally, because, well, any mother knows that baskets are a) personal, and b) a commodity. You probably have one you love already, so we don't want to add to the clutter.

However, if you're a new mama, or the one you got last-minute in the Target Dollar Spot just isn't speaking to your soul the way it once did, here's a collection of our favorites!

1. Light Up Pumpkin Pail by Hyde & EEK! 

We love a practical feature! This adorable pail from Target has a handle that illuminates (cool!) and casts a message from the bottom that says "Trick-Or-Treat". Try to tell me that won't impress any child you've ever known! I'll tell you what, these Target people do, in fact, know what they are doing. 

2. Personalized Halloween Tote from Carolina Dandy

First and foremost, you know I love a multi-purpose bag! These Personalized Halloween Totes from our friend Addison at Carolina Dandy are equal parts adorable and versatile. Use it for the entire fall season AND for trick-or-treating for years to come!

3. Embroidered Plush Jack-O-Lantern by Personalized Planet

So you want a classic Jack-O-Lantern look, but you'd prefer it not break in 72 seconds? This adorable plush (and embroidered!) bucket is just want you need. And while we always cheer for Pottery Barn Kids, this one is a fantastic competitor. 

4. Boofort Candy Carrier by The Beaufort Bonnet Company

I'm a little partial to these, simply because I own them. The Beaufort Bonnet Company launched these wildly darling bags last year in both Fall Fest Floral and Sewanee Stripe and, obviously, I couldn't not buy them. They're a great size, double-purpose as a tote bag, and satisfy my desire for my kids to have adorable things. 

5. Candy Corn Bucket by Weewooday

If you're one of those interesting souls that actually enjoys candy corn, look no further! This bucket is affordable, and even as a candy corn hater, objectively cute. Plus, it's quite affordable!

6. Trick or Treat Fabric Basket by Hyde & EEK!

It's cute! It's cheap! It is a little spookier, if that's your vibe, and it's $10. Can't lose with this Target gem!

7. Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Pillowcase Treat Bag by Pottery Barn Kids

It wouldn't be a true roundup without me giving at least one PBK reference now would it? ;) While every treat basket they sell is truly adorable, this one earns high marks due because...nostalgia. When I was little, we didn't have fancy buckets (gasp!), we used our...pillow cases. This one is far fancier than my *actual* childhood pillow case and even glows in the dark!

So there you have it! Seven utterly darling Halloween baskets for you to mull over before you ultimately wait until the last minute and buy whatever's left... 😉.