Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a subscription?

No. For now, we’re only offering individual baskets and bundles! We know everyone celebrates and prioritizes differently. While we’d love for you to buy everything we sell (:wink:), we don’t want you to feel locked in. Buy what you want, when you want to.

Will I see what's inside the basket or bundle before I order?

Why yes, yes you will.

Why? Because let’s be honest, the “surprise me” baskets are always lame, and you never buy them twice because, again, they’re lame. 

We have nothing to hide. All high-quality, exceptional gifts and goodies we want for our own kids (aka, we don’t mind these items laying around our own homes). You’ll see all the contents before you give us your dollar bills.

Is an actual basket included?

Baskets are not included, which probably sounds weird. But there’s a reason for that!

Go ahead and tell us how many Easter baskets, pumpkin pails, or jelly bags you have collecting dust in your home—we’ll wait. Too many? Yep, that’s what we thought. We don’t want to add another basket or container to your home collection. 

However, you’d like an on-themed basket and trendy container, we have those for sale for each launch.

Can I buy a different age or gender for my child?

Sure you can. We’re not checking birth certificates. You know your child better than we do. We simply include age and gender as a helpful guide. But by all means, please purchase whichever option you think your child will squeal over the most. 

How much does a Persnickety basket cost?

Each offering is marked separately, and you can find the price in the shop. 

That said, we’re committed to our “Keep Mama’s Sane Policy”. This means that every age/gender offering for a single holiday will be the same price. For example, all Done-For-You Christmas Stockings are the same price, regardless of age or gender.

We hope the KMS Policy spares you of the mom guilt trying to keep things even amongst your kiddos, and all the all the “but she got more” or “his was more expensive” whiney moments!

Will there be one option or multiple tiers each holiday?

Nope. Like you need one more thing to stress about, mama! You simply select the age and gender of your child. One offering, one price.

Will you sell out?

Well, we sure hope so. We recommend buying when each offering launches to ensure you get the gifts you’re after.

Do you have any discount codes?

We do not. However, all orders over $125 ship free, so that’s a nice little discount for you! 😉

Can you include a gift note for me?

We sure can! Note your message at checkout in the “Gift Message” box.

How do you choose your vendors?

We can’t give away all of our secrets, but, rest easy knowing we only work with the best of the best. We love introducing you to dynamite small businesses and high-quality brands.


When will baskets ship?

Your order will ship within 2-4 business days of placing your order unless otherwise noted.

How long does shipping take?

Ah, the golden question. We ship with UPS Ground for a flat rate of $9. That typically means you’ll receive your package(s) within 2-7 business days.

Is shipping free?

You’re in luck, mama! All orders $150 and over (pre-tax) ship free. Orders under $150 are charged our standard shipping rate.

If I order multiple baskets, will they come in multiple boxes?

You will receive one box per basket or bundle that you order. So, if you have twins (bless you) and order two 2/3/4 girl baskets, you will receive one box for each basket.

Do you ship internationally?

No. While we love our international friends, Persnickety hasn't yet reached international status.

Product Issues

What's your return policy?

All orders are non-refundable. Due to our transparency in marketing and sales, we are not accepting returns at this time. You will know exactly what’s in your offering when you place your order and that order is non-refundable.

My item came damaged. What do I do?

Yikes! We are so sorry to hear that. Email us at and we’ll take care of you.

Additional questions?

Email us at