Easter is one of the happiest holidays when it comes to the colors. Nothing makes me happier than seeing little kiddies running around hunting eggs in cheerful pastel ensembles on Easter Sunday. The pinks, purples, blues, teals, yellows, greens—it's just the best!

But, when it comes to the options. They! Are! Endless!

Truly endless. From the always reliable Cat and Jack section at Target to the fancy smocks from your favorite high-end brands, there are countless darling garments to cull through when you're picking outfits for your little peeps.

While we are certainly not what one would call fashion experts, we know cute when we see it. We also know you mamas have enough on your plate, so we decided to bring you the best of the best by way of Easter outfit options to make your life a little easier. Just scroll through a few dozen options and pick your favorite.

I spent 3+ hours culling through my favorite brands just so your kids could be unbelievably adorable in April. My kids will also be wearing garments from this list. You are so welcome.

From dresses to rompers, bubbles to polos, bougie brands to some pieces available for Target Pickup tomorrow—we've got it all for you. Your littles will be perfectly polished for Easter, even if mom is covered in spit up or sports disheveled hair.

Dresses, Bubbles, and Sets for Girls:

Shirts, Polos, Sweaters, Pants, and Sets for Boys:

Pajamas for Boys, Girls, and Families:

 Outfits for Mom:

We can't wait to see how darling your littles (and you) look in these!

P.S. Buying your Done-For-You Easter Baskets from us will make your Easter a lot more, ehem, enjoyable. Start and finish your Easter Basket shopping right now!