By now, you've seen the pictures of our Done-For-You Easter Baskets—gorgeous, if you ask us! But what you may not realize is everything that goes into curating our baskets behind the scenes.

I (Julie, 👋) literally spend dozens of hours making these perfect. I am always on the hunt for amazing new brands and squeal-inducing gifts. But, it’s about more than just that. We have to consider our Gifting Philosophy, the quality of the items, the businesses we’re supporting, price points, how things will look together, and so much more.

So, shall we get to it? This is going to be fun! 

First Things First—The No Junk Policy

We have a strict No Junk policy—nothing in our shop would be considered "filler". We all have plenty of that already. Everything is intentionally curated to be something kids—and moms!—will truly adore. It's what truly makes Persnickety special.

About Our Vendors

One of our favorite things about Persnickety is that we get to support dozens of other small businesses. We vet all of our vendors and only choose the best of the best. We look for high-quality, unique items to fill our baskets and bundles and The Add-On Shop. We don’t want a bunch of stuff you can find on Amazon or on the shelves at Target. We want our gifts to be fun and delightful and different

In addition to the quality and uniqueness small businesses yield, we also love the stories of incredible, powerful women overcoming all the odds and creating thriving businesses. We love the stories of military heroes solving problems and making life easier for families. We love the stories of family-run businesses that have been around for generations. It fires us up to know we’re supporting those small entrepreneurs, and when you purchase from Persnickety, you’re supporting them, too. 

Now let’s take a peek behind the curtain and I’ll share all the dirty deets as to why we picked what we picked for our Big Kid Done-For-You Easter Baskets.

Big Kid / Boys / Recommended for boys ages 5-7

The Big Kid / Boy Done-For-You Easter Basket was so fun to buy for. Fun fact: I have a 5-year-old boy myself, so this is my lane. I can’t wait to see his reaction!

  • Shark Jump Rope by Floss and Rock so he can jump with style! Featuring hand-painted wooden handles and a bright and cheerful blue rope, this is the perfect addition to his Easter basket! This is an exceptional tool in your arsenal to wear him out when he has way too much energy.
  • WOWmazing Giant Bubble Kit by South Beach Bubbles to create the most magical and enormous bubbles. Complete with a set of Big Wands, 2 pouches of concentrate, and step-by-step instructions to incite the most fun you can have outside! These bubbles are nostalgic for me, but also who doesn’t want to make (and..pop) giant bubbles? So fun.
  • Switcheroos by Ooly because these color-changing markers are hard to beat when it comes to art supplies. Simply color with the primary side, then flip the marker around and watch the mystery color-changing-end wow you! None of those boring markers—these are magiccccc. They are equal parts mysterious and entertaining. 
  • Rainforest Sketch Book by eeBoo to fill the refrigerator door with masterpieces with 60 pages of high-quality pages and durable spiral binding. Most sketch books are hideous, this one, however, is not. We gave you markers and we are not monsters, so naturally, I had to include something for them to mark on. I have two of these stashed in our “busy bag” for entertainment at restaurants or anywhere my kids have to sit still. 
  • Explorer Binoculars and Carrying Case by HABA to inspire outdoor play and wild adventures. These binoculars are an essential accessory for every explorer! Plus, they're durable for even the wildest wilderness boys! We expect these to be the favorite gift of the bunch. There suckers are clutch for mamas, too, because those boys don’t need any help putting these to use (hallelujah!). So fun for zoo trips or nature walks!
  • Mini Bunny Maker Tube by PlusPlus to get in the festive spring spirit with their very own Easter Bunny! The tube includes step-by-step instructions and all the pieces he needs to build a bunny and is oh-so-fun for everyone. We have a few of these Mini Maker Tubes, and we love them. My son can build them start-to-finish by himself (praise!) and once he’s done he gets creative and loves to make other things, too!
  • Donut Bath Bomb by garb2ART Cosmetics to sweeten up bath time. Drop this breakfast bomb into the bath he'll enjoy the most delightful tropical scent and an array of fun colors! Bath gifts are always a hit (which is why we have a lot in The Add-On Shop), because they make the inevitable time of day just a touch less dramatic. We are bath bomb aficionados because bath bombs never fail to generate delight.

Big Kid / Girls / Recommended for girls ages 5-7

I will admit, I love shopping for girl things. I love the colors and all things girly. This basket is easily one of my favorites! While my daughter is only 2, I have so many little ladies in my life that inspired this basket (including Irene’s daughter!). 

Here are all the deets on this basket:

  • Betty Bunny Jewelry Box by Rockahula Kids to store all of her many (and incredibly valuable) accessories. This jewelry box is unbelievably cute with its sweet bunny face, soft velvet exterior, and lined with the most gorgeous fabric print covered in cheerful blooms. This was the VERY FIRST item I bought for Easter 2023. I bought them before I had the rest of the items selected—ha. While my daughter is 2, I definitely ordered an extra for her. Couldn’t resist.
  • Unicorn Jump Rope by Floss and Rock so she can jump with style! Featuring hand-painted wooden handles and a bright and cheerful pink rope, this is the perfect addition to her Easter basket! Just like with the boys, this tool will wear her out when she has too much energy to spare.
  • Glitter Gel Pens by Ooly because gel pens are the ultimate gift for your favorite girl. These amazing gel pens are scented and sparkly... can you imagine anything better? I’ll never forget Christmas this past year with my to-be-brother-in-law’s sister. She’s squarely in this age range, and when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she said gel pens. I instantly added these to the list for Easter! (Thank you, Isabella!)
  • On-the-Go Friendship Bracelet Kit by Kid Made Modern to help her make the perfect braided bracelets for her besties. This kit includes plenty of embroidery floss and beads and a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect, one-of-a-kind creations! I have such fond memories of making friendship bracelets for my friends. I think this kit is going to be a HIT—and she can start creating before the cinnamon rolls even come out of the oven on Easter morning! Did I mention it even has beads?
  • Spring Flowers Notebook by Pippi Post for all of her masterpieces and educational needs. This bright and beautiful notebook has a dot grid interior and 44 pages! Again, we aren’t monsters. We can’t load your girl up with glittery gel pens begging to be used and not give her a place to write her innermost thoughts or draw her favorite flowers. This notebook is just adorable!
  • Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb by Feeling Smitten that will wow you with its fizzy and colorful show. Simply place this sweet cloud in the bath and enjoy the beautiful rainbow show! We know you can never go wrong with a bath bomb, but this bomb is superior to all the other ones. It actually is a bath bomb AND a rainbow show. Incredible. You can’t sleep on these.

Well, there you go! A window into our minds as we created THE greatest Easter Baskets for kids ages 5-7. In our utterly unbiased opinion, there is no greater Easter Basket. 😉