If you're anything like me, you spend an unreasonable amount of hours searching for the greatest stocking stuffers this great country has to offer. I search high and low all year long to make those giant stockings I regret buying from Pottery Barn the highlight of Christmas morning. 

But, it's a lot of work. A looooot of work. Which is part of the reason why we created Persnickety.

While you might not have been the Boo Basket type, most people include stockings in their holiday celebrations.

So, how can you make stocking stuffer shopping easy this year? 

Well, would we really be a business without shamelessly plugging our business?

The only reasonable way to shop for your littles (ages 0-7) stocking stuffers is buying our Done-For-You Stocking Stuffers.

Just like the name indicates: we've done it all for you. Everything you need for your child's stocking comes in one perfectly curated box and is purchased from one wonderful website and contains stocking stuffers so great even Santa will be impressed.

We're sure you have more questions...so let's get those answered. 

When can I buy the Done-For-You Stocking Stuffers?
Done-For-You Stocking Stuffers launch Thursday, November 10 at 10 am EST on www.persnickety.gifts. 

How much are Done-For-You Stocking Stuffers?
All sets of Done-For-You Stocking Stuffers are $98, and have between 9-13 high-quality gifts that align with our Gifting Philosophy

For you, mama, we’re committed to our “Keep Mama’s Sane Policy”. This means that every age/gender offering is the same price, regardless of age or gender.

We hope the KMS Policy spares you of the mom guilt trying to keep things even amongst your kiddos, and all the “but she got more” or “his was more expensive” whiney moments! You know you spent the same.

What's in each stocking?
You can see every single gift within each stocking on our site right this very second. 

Why should I buy on Launch Day?
Two reasons, mama! The sooner you place your order, the sooner you can stop stressing about the stocking stuffers this year and save that mental energy for figuring out whether cheese, crackers, and wine counts as dinner. (It does.) 

As if that weren't enough, all orders placed November 10-14 will receive a FREE set of Holly Jolly Gift Tag Stickers, illustrated by the amazing Casey Marchbanks, which will transform your mediocre wrapping jobs into the most darling gifts you're proud to exchange with your family and friends. 

Each pack includes 12 gift tag stickers of 6 unique (and unbelievably adorable) designs that stick right onto all of your holiday packages.

These stickers retail for $9 a pack...and you'll get them for free.

Are there multiple options per age and gender?
Nope. We want this to be as easy as possible for you. There are 6 total offerings: 0-1.5 girl, 0-1.5 boy, 1.5-4 girl, 1.5-4 boy, 5-7 girl, and 5-7 boy.

Can I buy a different age or gender for my child?
Sure thing! We’re not checking birth certificates. You know your child better than we do. We simply include age and gender as a helpful guide. But by all means, please purchase whichever option you think your child will squeal over the most. 

Is shipping free?
Great news! All orders over $150 ship free. 

If you're buying more than one stocking, you're already there. If you aren't, just check out The Add-On Shop and The Holiday Gift Shop (launching 10/10 with stocking stuffers... get excited!) to take you to the free shipping threshold. 

When do orders ship?
All Done-For-You Stocking Stuffer inventory is ready to ship from our warehouse. Our team will ship all orders within 1-2 business days of when the order is placed.

How much time do you think this will save me?
If you're anything like Julie (one of our founders), it'll save you upwards of 20 hours of intense shopping. If you're anything like Irene (our other founder), it'll save you upwards of 20 hours of panic and paralysis in the face of too. many. options.

What could I do with all that time you saved me?
Glad you asked, we have 15 delightful and wholesome ideas right here

Do you have gifts other than Stocking Stuffers?
Why yes, yes we do. We have an entire Holiday Gift Shop coming on Launch Day—filled with the best gifts you can find on the interwebs. Plus, our beloved Birthday Bundles are also fabulous under the tree (just pull out the birthday card and save that for your next party). 

Can you do the rest of my shopping, too?
Funny you should ask. While we can't do it all, we can do a little more. Visit the Holiday Gift Shop (launching on 10/10, as well) to check off gifts for littles ages 0-7. Plus, we have some more things up our sleeves...coming soon. 

Have more questions? Email us at hello@persnickety.gifts. We're here to help demystify the holiday season right alongside you... as long as you don't ask us how to make your kids smile for Christmas card photos.