As you good-well know, we declare ourselves to have the most magical Easter Baskets for kiddos ages 0-7 on this whole entire universe. That's a bold statement, sure, but we're confident ladies.

Anyway, in our Done-For-You Easter Baskets, we don't actually give you a basket. Rather, we provide the goods to go inside of it. We do this intentionally, because, well, any mother knows that baskets are a) personal, and b) a commodity. You probably have one you love already, so we don't want to add to the clutter.

However, if you're a new mama, or the one you got last-minute in the Target Dollar Spot just isn't speaking to your soul the way it once did, here's a collection of our favorites!

1. Classic Woven Basket from Pottery Barn Kids

The classic Easter Basket. Julie's kids have had theirs for years, and she'll never go back. We love the seagrass or the white. Plus, you can pick any darling liner with a monogram (of course!). We love.

2. Quilted Basket from Crate & Kids

The quilted look is just unmatched. This chic option from Crate & Kids is also monogram-able and perfect for the neutral girlies. 

3. Easter Bunny Basket from Target

If you like to switch up your baskets every year, this one is for you. Adorable and  affordable—win win. 

4. Another Adorable Bunny Basket from Mimi & Lula

It's kinda so cute it hurts. We love this darling mix of bunny and floral. So, so cute. 

5. Yellow Jelly Bag from Amazon

If you're interested in a less conventional basket, we love these jelly bags! Adorable.  

We can't wait to see which you choose!