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On the Menu

The school year is upon us (hallelujah!). Get those easy breakfasts lined up for hectic mornings transitioning back into the rhythms of the school year! Julie is loving these Shark-Tank CRIPSY Oatmeal Balls (find them at Sprouts and get the apple cinnamon) OR Perfect Bars for an easy breakfast every morning.

What We're Bingeing

If you're not quiiiiiite ready for summer to end, pick up a copy of Elin Hildebrand's The Five-Star Weekend. It's beach escapism at its best—Irene tore it apart in three days. 

Favorites from the Interwebs

BRB, we're headed to Chattanooga. Also, we're saving this to recreate with our kids and for future blackmail.

Currently Saving Our Sanity

If you're not the coffee type, or you just want a little diversity in your caffeine, Julie is loving Spark (she swears by fruit punch) for an afternoon treat. You can get it on Amazon!

Something for Mom

Back to school means back to the carpool line for many of us. Make sure you're ready with a cupholder-friendly tumbler (Irene is obsessed with this Stanley dupe) and a cap for those dry-shampoo days. Bonus points for a bingeable podcast (for true crime, we're loving Under Cover of Knight or The Popcast on the complete opposite end of the spectrum).

Plan Ahead

While you probably have a list from your school for school supplies, don't forget to purchase the often-overlooked-but-equally-as-important items:

  • Shoes: Nike is having a fabulous back-to-school sale! Use code SCHOOL20 for an extra 20% off. If you're looking for a nicer shoe for a boy (a true pain point for all boy moms, Julie swears by Floafers. Funny name, magical shoe—worth every single penny.)
  • Socks: Buying 2 packs per kid will save your sanity.
  • Snacks: We love an Amazon haul or Costco run to stock up the week before school starts. We love Cliff Kid ZBars, Pirates Booty, Heavenly Hunks, and Fruit Strips
Yours in good enough parenting,
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