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On the Menu

If you're looking for a simple, festive treat for a class party or gathering, we think this would be cute and yummy for you the kids (and it looks easy enough!).  

What We're Bingeing

WHO HAS TIME TO BINGE IN DECEMBER? Nobody. But, we're soaking in the holiday flicks and monopolizing the TV with our favorite Christmas movies (The Santa Claus for Irene and The Grinch—the original, obviously—for Julie). Also, Julie's book club just wrapped this book and has this viral one on the docket for this month.

Favorites from the Interwebs

This is #relatable and this is aspirational. 

Currently Saving Our Sanity

Listen up. While we're all frantically shopping and wrapping and shopping and wrapping, Julie swears there's something peaceful and satisfying about picking your wrapping paper + ribbon scheme to make these laborious tasks more pleasant. She chose a few rolls of Rifle Paper Co paper and these ribbons. She emphatically claims her tree has never been cuter.

Something for Mom

Between newborn feedings and snuggles, Irene became fixated on getting the perfect at-home mani. After several #fails with various DIY dip kits, she tried this at-home gel kit and #nailedit on the first try. Pro tip: make sure you have enough time before the baby wakes up to finish, unless you enjoy picking up your toddler from school with unpainted thumbs.

Plan Ahead

  1. Holiday Magic: Map out your festive activities with our Pretty Good Mom's Guide to Holiday Cheer. (Spoiler: We put together a list of 15 simple things you can do to create that magic. Pick a few, do a little planning, and when the time comes—ENJOY IT!)
  2. Stocking Stuffers for Kids: We hiiiiiighly recommend getting your Done-For-You Stocking Stuffers now because we're running really low on inventory. 
  3. Stocking Stuffers for Dads: We know you're busy so we made a list of our favorites!
  4. Stocking Stuffers for Moms: We know a lot of moms do their own stocking stuffers. We repeat: We made a list of our favorites! ;) 
  5. Under-the-Tree Gifts for KidsWe have a delightful shop of thoughtfully curated gifts (we weeded out all the garbage for you) to make your life easier. 
Yours in good enough parenting,
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