Once a month, we provide you a handful of things to help make the month ahead a Certified Pretty Good Time.

On the Menu

Fun fact: Julie's day job is running the content division for a publishing company. Her team has curated a collection of must-have Thanksgiving side-dishes that's worthy of your time. 

What We're Bingeing

If you haven't read Lessons In Chemistry yet, it's time. Why? Because 1) it's so good, and 2) it's now a show on Apple TV. But, we repeat: read the book first! 

Favorites from the Interwebs

We find this to be truly and deeply adorable. Julie is earmarking for her daughter's tiny tree! 

Currently Saving Our Sanity

If you're starting to feel the stress of the holiday season approaching and are in need of a teensy bit of calm and control before the storm—we love an....organized cabinet. Lol. But really, these under-the-sink organizers are just so satisfying. They're not going to eliminate your holiday stress, but opening the cabinets below your sink and seeing some satisfying organization really is a bright spot. 

Something for Mom

If you're a fan of the Lululemon luxstream fabric but aren't willing to shell out $120+ for a sweatshirt, we think you'll love this impeccable dupe from Target. And no, don't ask, we're not willing to admit how many colors we have.

Plan Ahead

While you probably are beginning to plan for the holidays, we have a few things that can help you out:

  • Stocking Stuffers for Littles: Our best-selling Done-For-You Stocking Stuffers launch on Tuesday, November 7. All the goodies you need to stuff those kiddo stockings in ONE BOX AND ONE CLICK? Yes, please!
  • Stocking Stuffers for Moms and Dads: While we only offer Done-For-You Stocking Stuffers for kids, we have put together a wildly robust and magnificent guide for the adults.
Yours in good enough parenting,
P.S. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 7! DONE-FOR-YOU STOCKING STUFFERS ARE COMMMIINNGGGG!