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An Easy Mom Win

Start and finish your Boo Basket shopping in approximately one minute. Order your Boo Baskets today and literally not have to think about them again until Halloween weekend!

On the Menu

Fall means it's time to start baking again, and Irene & Julie are both hitting the breakfasts hard this month. 

Julie claims to have tried nearly every recipe pumpkin bread recipe in existence, and this one from Once Upon a Chef is her ride-or-die. Soooooo good and quite easy.

Irene's kids are obsessed with these Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins from Ambitious Kitchen that are pretty darn healthy. Double the recipe and put half in the freezer for a quick school morning breakfast!

What We're Bingeing

Julie's book club meets Wednesday and they're discussing Remarkably Bright Creatures, which truly is the world's sweetest book. You must read.

Favorites from the Interwebs

If this doesn't make you chuckle, we just don't know what to tell ya.

Currently Saving Our Sanity

These picture frames help you love the art you get from your kiddos instead of just feeding it directly to the trash can gnome.

Something for Mom

These long sleeve pima cotton tees are the perfect fall uniform. Long enough to cover your booty in shorts or leggings, lightweight for those transitional fall days and ridiculously soft. Plus, Irene has had them for more than a year and has gotten ZERO of those maddening tiny holes around the bottom.

Plan Ahead

We hate to be the one who tells you this, but matching Christmas PJs will sell out in at least one of your kids sizes approximately 24 hours after Halloween is over. Time to start shopping if you want that matching look—especially at a mass market retailer.
Yours in good enough parenting,
P.S. Boo Baskets are HERE and selling out quickly. Order now for an easy fall win!