We've already made your life significantly easier with completing your Easter basket shopping with our Done-For-You Easter Baskets and picking your Easter outfits with our Easter Style Guide.

But, there's still one thing we haven't solved for you.

What to put in those dang Easter eggs for your annual egg hunt in lieu of filling those suckers up with infinite amounts of sugar.

So, because we solely exist to make your life easier, we put together a helpful roundup of items you can use for your 2023 Easter egg fillers!

Now, before we get to the good stuff, it's best to consider your approach. You have a few options, depending on how many Easter Eggs you're looking to fill. Here are a few approaches to consider:

The edible approach: Brave the sugar high and go traditional—fill your eggs with candy or other edible treats. If you go with this approach, we have two suggestions: (1) don't fill each egg to capacity and (2) you don't have to use only candy! Goldfish, bunny grahams, or flavored Cheerios make a great filler, especially for our tiniest friends. 

The no-candy approach: This option is a noble road, especially if you're planning on other treats throughout the day. Fill all your eggs with toys or small gifts, rather than consumables. The tricky part here is finding stuffers for your eggs that won't just turn into more trash and clutter in your home (looking at you, plastic stampers that dry out almost immediately). 

The mixed approach: This option is a fusion of, yes, you guessed it—the edible and no-candy approach. You can simply mix together candy and gifts for #balance. 

So, if you're looking to take the no-candy or the mixed approach, here are some fun Easter Egg Filler ideas for you to consider:

  1. Easter Egg Hunt Tokens: For older kids, we LOVE these (reusable) Easter Egg Tokens from our friend Nikki from Written by Nikki. They fit perfectly in eggs and are just the cutest ideas in the whole wide world. From $1 to baking cookies, a later bed time to a small toy, we just can't get enough of these adorable Bunny Tokens.
  2. TOOBs: Our best-selling TOOBs are truly perfect for Easter Egg Fillers. The Farm and Space TOOBs yield tons of imaginative play, perfect for kids of all ages!
  3. Bows: If you have a bow lover in your family, buying bulk bows from Amazon is so fun! She'll go from 0 to 40 bows and she'll be styling with the matching bows every day after. 
  4. Finger Puppets: I am clearly biased, but for little ones, I can't resist this set of 4 finger puppets. The Flutterers are handmade with certified organic cotton, and make for so much fun telling stories and fluttering these little guys through rooms and yards and imaginations. Simply stuff each of the four flying creatures into different eggs!
  5. Stamp Set: My mom owned a rubber stamp store growing up, so I love the idea of helping kids make a stamp collection. So fun for art projects and developing fine motor skills. This set of 26 wooden stamps would be perfect! The Easter Bunny could tuck the ink pad (and maybe a few other colored ink pads!) in their Easter basket. 
  6. Hot Wheels: I hate to be the person who adds more cars to a car-filled home, but this set of 20 Hot Wheels is always a hit for car lovers.
  7. Disney Pixar Cars Micro Racers: These are truly the cutest little cars. My son got them when he was 2 and has loved them ever since! This is a 10-pack, but they have other packs, too! 
  8. Disney Princess Mermaids: My daughter is truly obsessed with her set of 7 princess mermaids, and these fold nicely to fit perfectly into an Easter egg. 
  9. Mini Play-Doh Set: If you have little art lovers, this pack of 42 mini Play-Dohs would be perfect.
  10. Dive Gem Pool Toys: Kids of all ages will be thrilled to find giant gemstones inside their Easter eggs—and they can play with them in the bath or dive for them in the pool all summer long. If you have a summer of pool visits in your future, these diving toys would be so perfect.
  11. Animal Stickers: Grab a giant roll of Animal Stickers, tear one off per egg with the easy perforated lines, and then store the rest for a rainy day. 
  12. Temporary Tattoos: Nothing says "fun mom" quite like giving your child a temporary tattoo sleeve of bunnies and eggs and chicks. 
  13. Goo Jit Zu Super Heroes: Okay, hear me out. If you have a super-hero lover, you must get these. These stretchy, squishy heroes are surprisingly fun and satisfying to play with. This is a set of 6 and has all the favorite Marvel heroes. 
  14. Lip Smackers: Oh yes, another nostalgic option. Grab your favorite set of Lip Smackers from Amazon or Target and fill up 8-12 eggs with something practical and fun. We love the Coca-Cola flavorsTop HitsCrayola, Minnie Mouse, Avengers, and Disney Princess sets.

Note: keep an eye on the dimensions! A few of these treasures will require oversized plastic eggs. We promise they'll be worth it! 

We can't wait to hear what you (errrr... the Easter Bunny) fill your eggs with this year. There's no wrong way to do it. We wish you a joyful Easter celebration and a fun egg hunt!

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