You're probably in one of two camps when it comes to buying gifts for the holiday season:

1. You agonize over every single gift, desperate to find something the recipient will love; or

2. You wait until the very last minute and end up with something sub-par from Target or Walmart. 

This year, you can choose a (much healthier) option:

3. Let us help you crush your Christmas list for the littles on your list. You'll get your shopping done easily because we've already scoured the globe for the best gifts, the littles are sure to love what you buy because nothing on our site sucks, and you'll have more time for all the holiday shenanigans you have planned this season. 

#3 is definitely the best choice. So, let's make it happen.

Here are our top picks for holiday gifts this year:

Baby's Got Bath Bundle

Ages 0-3

We like big baths and we cannot lie! Kidding. But we do like baby baths! The Baby's Got Bath Bundle will take bath time to the next level with: 

  • 100% Organic Cotton Hooded Bath Towel in Seafoam by Coco Village perfect for children's delicate skin—absorbent, soft, and comforting. It's the coziest way to end those precious baby-in-the-bath moments.
  • Modern Interchangeable Bath Toys by Ubbi to make bath time even more fun! These four colorful creatures have interchangeable tops and bottom pieces to ignite their joy—complete with holes in the bottom to create a fun rain effect. (Plus, they're dishwasher safe!)

Mischief Maker Bundle

Ages 4-9

For all the Mischief Makers in your know the ones. The little boys and girls that are always up to no good, but the ones that have that contagious happiness you just always want to be around. Sure, The Mischief Maker Bundle may ignite more mischief, but at least you'll equip them with safe tools, including:

  • Mischief Maker Slingshot by Mighty Fun for some good old-fashioned fun. This authentic wooden slingshot shoots lightweight foam balls, so moms can rest easy. This toy is beautifully made and might even be fun for mom and dad, too.
  • TattooPen Set in Yellow, Orange, and Red by Nailmatic to unleash their inner artist...on themselves. This set contains 3 temporary tattoo felt pens that are safe for the skin (dermatologically tested!) and easy to wipe off in the bath or with a cloth.

Welcome to the Circus Bundle

Ages 0-4

Introducing the cutest book bundle you've ever seen on the world wide web! The Welcome to the Circus Bundle will delight both the little ones and their parents.

This bundle, recommended for ages 0-5, includes:

  • The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen (hardback) is inarguably the sweetest book you'll read this year. The pages are colorful, encourage seek-and-find activities, and have the most heartwarming message about kindness and courage. This is both Irene and Julie's favorite kids book!
  • Bengal Tiger and Zebra figures by Safari Ltd. to bring the hero of the book and his striped friend to life with all kinds of imaginative fun as you read the pages.

    The Girly Girl Bundle

    Ages 2-7

    This one's for the Girly Girls! The Girly Girl Bundle is perfect for the littles you know who love all things unicorns, hearts, rainbows, and sparkles, and includes:

    • Tiny Hearts Small Backpack by Mint to carry all of her treasures and tote them around wherever she goes.
    • Mad Mattr Unicorn Sparkle by Mad Mattr, similar to other play sand brands...but waaaaay better. She'll love creating magical unicorns through enchanting sensory play!

    The Vroom Vroom Bundle 

    Ages 1-7

    Get your engines ready! We all know a little one is a car fanatic—and this is the perfect gift for them. The Vroom Vroom Bundle will delight any car-lover and keep them busy for hours, and includes:

    • Civil Engineer Washi Tape by Copernicus Toys—aka one of the most genius inventions of all time. This washi boasts 10 meters of paper tape to create imaginative play anywhere you go—from your living room floor to walls, restaurant tables to airplane tray tables.
    • Wooden Racing Cars by Wise Elk to race three beautiful, high-quality cars anywhere, any time. These unique cars are hand-crafted in Ukraine!

    Birthday Bundle

    Ages 2-6

    Don't be startled by the name. Hear us out. This Birthday Bundle was initially created for moms to not frantically race to the store right before birthday parties, and instead, purchase thoughtfully curated gifts that will delight both the birthday girl and her mom. But, all of our Birthday Bundles are perfect for Christmas, too! Simply stash away the card for the next party you have. This bundle includes:

    • Fantasy Butterfly Wings and Mask by Dreamy Dress-Ups to ignite her imagination and entertain her for hours without a screen.
    • Classic Chunkies by OOLY—which we've deemed the greatest of all paint sticks. So fun, vibrant, and an easy size to hold for littles of all ages!
    • The cutest Over The Rainbow Purse by Lily & Momo to store her Lip Smackers, smuggled candy, and other necessities.
    • Playful Birthday Cake Stickers by OOLY to adorn all the random places kids love to decorate in their homes.
    • A delightful Birthday Card (a Persnickety original) to spare you yet another trip to the store for a future party.

    We'd be remiss to not also mention...

    We can't wait to hear what you do with all your free time not spent shopping this holiday season! 😉