Birthday Bundle

Age 2-4 / Boy

Never take a rushed trip to Target on the day of the birthday party! Say it with us: hallelujah. Whether you're looking for a birthday gift for your child, godchild, niece or nephew, or a classmate—we got you. High-quality, fun birthday gifts for all the special littles in your life.

Bonus: These little cuties come packed with festive crinkle paper, so just wrap up the box and you're ready to gift!

This basket, curated for boys ages 2, 3, and 4, includes:

  • Flexible Toy Road Set by WayToPlay Toys for him to make highways and byways anywhere his heart desires. This high-quality, flexible road is perfect for imaginative play with any type of car!
  • Mini-medic Ambulance by Candylab Toys will be the first to the scene in all their imaginative emergencies.
  • Mississippi Mule by Candylab Toys that's not only a tongue twister, but a jaw-dropped.
  • A delightful Birthday Card (a Persnickety original) to spare you yet another a trip to the store.


  • Birthday Bundle
  • Birthday Bundle
  • Birthday Bundle
  • Birthday Bundle
  • Birthday Bundle
Flexible Toy Road Set by WayToPlay
Ambulance by Candylab Toys
Mississippi Mule by Candylab Toys
Birthday Card by Persnickety

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